Undergraduate Students

The lab is home to 10-15 undergraduate students each semester. Students participate in all aspects of research from participant recruitment, testing infants and children, coding and entering scientific data, discussing methods and findings, and conducting preliminary data analyses. Students can participate by registering for PSY4940 Independent Research. This allows students to earn credits toward their psychology undergraduate degree. Our undergraduate students have the opportunity to enroll in an Honors Thesis course, where they are guided in developing an independent research project in a research topic of interest to them. These students also have exciting opportunities to attend local, national, and international conferences.

Most students from our lab go on to graduate school and exciting careers in developmental science, cognitive neuroscience, and related fields.

Interested in becoming a research assistant for credit?

If you would like to become a Research Assistant in our lab, please fill out our online application form and we will contact you. If you have any further questions about the class, please contact Rossana Cardoso (rocardos@fiu.edu).

Undergraduate Courses

DEP 3115 Development in Infancy: The Basis of Human Knowledge

DEP 4937 Integrating Research and Theory in Developmental Science

DEP 4704 Senior Lab: Developmental Psychology

DEP 4116 Current Issues in Cognitive and Perceptual Development in Infancy: Infant Cognition

PSY 4914 Honors Research Project

PSY 4940 Independent Research

PSY 4930 Special Topics in Psychology: The Development of Intermodal Perception

Letter of Recommendation

If you are a current or former student and would like to request a letter of recommendation, please fill out the form below and send an electronic copy to Rossana Cardoso at rocardos@fiu.edu. Be sure to include: 1. A complete "Request for Recommendation Form" 2. A copy of your most updated CV 3. A list of all schools you are applying to, including the program's name and address, and due dates.

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