Prospective Graduate Students

Graduate Training in the Infant Development Lab

The Infant Development Lab is currently interviewing prospective Ph.D. students who plan to apply (or are currently in) FIU’s Developmental Science program. Students will work within a large, supportive, exciting, and federally funded research lab. They will be part of a collaborative research team and will receive mentorship in conducting their thesis and dissertation research projects and in co-authoring conference presentations and publications in the area of early development. Excellent financial aid packages are available through a variety of sources. We typically have 1-2 postdocs, several graduate students, a full time lab manager, 3-4 technical staff, and 10-15 undergraduate research assistants. We also collaborate with a variety of top scientists from labs within and outside FIU. There are typically a variety of different projects conducted concurrently in the lab, focusing on interrelated research aims relevant to the early development of attention, perception, cognition, and language. Recent thesis and dissertation topics have focused on infant and toddler discrimination and memory for faces, the development of infant emotion perception, the role of intersensory redundancy in early language development, social attention in children with autism, the role of intersensory redundancy in infant attention to the prosody of speech, and the emergence of social referencing in infants. Preference is given to students who wish to pursue research and teaching careers in developmental science within academic or research settings.

How to Apply

If you are interested in this unique training opportunity, submit your questions, resume, and letter of interest to Dr. Lorraine E. Bahrick ( and copy her lab manager, Rossana Cardoso ( Also please submit your application to FIU’s Developmental Science Ph.D. program, within the Department of Psychology, before the December 1st deadline. Please visit the Developmental Science Program page for more information.

Graduate Courses

DEP 5118 Current Issues in Infancy: Social Development in Autism and Typical Development

DEP 5099 Pro Seminar: Development in Infancy Childhood and Adolescence

DEP 5056 Current Issues in Life Span Development: Autism

DEP 5056 Current Issues in Life Span Development: Face Perception Across the Life Span

DEP 5056 Current Issues in Life Span Development: Memory

DEP 5186 Special Topics in Developmental Psychology: The Development of Intermodal Perception

DEP 5188 Current Issues in Cognitive and Perceptual Development in Infancy

DEP 5936 Integrating Theory and Research in Developmental Science

PSY 5918 Supervised Research

PSY 6971 Master's Thesis

PSY 7980 Dissertation Research